Weather Advanced Reports

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

What will you learn?

These reports help you answer the following question: Am I not “highly sensitive” to weather changes?

Why is it important to answer this question?

First, let’s share a little background information about triggers and migraine sensitivity.

  1. The migraine condition makes us sensitive to brutal changes such as irregular sleep, diet or exercise routine, stressful times, hormonal imbalance, and even weather variations.

  2. The accumulation of these different sources of stress on our bodies can increase the risk of having a migraine attack, which means experiencing symptoms.

  3. Some stressors are easier to alleviate than others. Weather-related stressors are difficult to counter.

  • You can use an air-conditioner to combat changes in humidity

  • Sunglasses can help to reduce luminosity due to sunshine

  • But there is not much you can do about barometric pressure variations.

Now, you certainly better understand why we’ve developed dedicated features in MBplus such as the 7-Day Pressure Variation Forecast or the 24h Pressure Variation History.

How to know if you are not highly sensitive to weather changes?

If you notice that at least once, you did not have an attack following a brutal variation, you can conclude that you are not highly sensitive to pressure, humidity, or temperature variations (depending on the variable you are looking at).

⚠️ It does not mean that you are not sensitive at all! ⚠️

The risk of experiencing symptoms is greater when you accumulate multiple sources of stress on your body. This means that when weather variations are forecasted, make sure you watch closely for stressors on which you have control over (such as diet, sleep) to reduce the risk of having an attack.

We hope these reports will add value to your migraine journey and don’t forget to let us know if they’ve been helpful for you! 💕 Wishing you a migraine-free day, Jenny and the Migraine Buddy Team

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