Triggers and Symptoms Advanced Reports

Updated: Oct 21, 2020

What will you learn?

The Triggers and Symptoms Reports provide a deep understanding of their evolution over time, their link to other aspects of your attacks, and how you compare to a group of users having similar triggers as you.

The report contains 4 pages each month to delve deeper into your triggers, symptoms, and find out how to take control.

How to read your reports

Page 1

Your triggers and symptoms are represented proportionally across all your migraine attacks (displayed as “Trigger/Symptoms Percentage”). You will:

  • Observe your common triggers and symptoms in the selected month

  • Explore the categories that you are more sensitive to across time for all your attacks (e.g. hormones, environment, nutrition)

  • Discover how you compare to the community of other users with a similar profile

Page 2

You can study the link between your triggers and your symptoms. This would come in handy if you’re trying to avoid a specific symptom. You can identify triggers potentially linked to it and try to minimize exposure to these triggers.

Page 3

You can observe how your triggers are linked to pain intensity. You may be able to find out which triggers are linked to a high pain level – this way, you can try to reduce the chances of exposure to those triggers!

Page 4

You can identify if some triggers are linked to certain pain locations. This helps you determine which type of migraine or headache is linked to certain triggers.

Feel free to share the reports with your doctor and your thoughts on it with the Migraine Buddy community in any of our chat groups or by emailing us at


Jenny and the Migraine Buddy Team

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