Do you have more than 1 headache per month ?

Take control over your migraine, faster with MBplus

  • Discover your triggers

  • Learn from leading headache specialists

  • Use proven action plans

  • Get results. Fast

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Good Days Guide + MBplus Annual Plan

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What is in MBplus ?


Your own tool to identify patterns and get to know your triggers

With the Advanced reports

Get your freedom back and plan your week ahead

With the 7-day pressure variation forecast

Implement changes step by step to gain control

With the actionable programs

Finally be sure of your triggers

With the pressure variation and menstruation tracker

Why MBplus?

Achieve your goals faster with MBplus

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Easy and simple attack recording

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Easy and simple attack recording

+ Advanced recording and tracking: pressure history, menstruation tracker, trigger suggestion (the latter iOS only)

Basic export for your doctor: attack listing and migraine impact report

Basic export for your doctor: attack listing and migraine impact report

Advanced Reports for you to identify patterns

2-day pressure variation forecast

7-day pressure variation forecast

5 introductory programs

5 introductory programs

+ 13 in-depth actionable programs


Discover all the MBplus features and what they can do for you


Discover unexpected triggers

These reports will help you identify patterns amidst the complexity of information available. You won't become a neurologist, but you will discover points that you’ve not spotted before!

- Triggers and symptoms report. 
Hormone-triggered attacks may require a different treatment plan from stress- or weather-triggered attacks.

- Weather report
A personalized report highlighting relationships between different weather characteristics (pressure variation, temperature changes, humidity) and your attacks.


Plan your week ahead

Knowing about pressure variation, you can minimize your exposure to other triggers and avoid risky situations and activities when strong weather changes loom.


Learn and get control over your migraine

Learn from the coaching of world-leading migraine experts via video tutorials, guides, and articles. Take actions to gain control over your migraine journey in areas like diet, emotional and relationship management, triggers and relief methods and more added every month.

Most popular programs:
- Weather Trends and Migraine 
- Get Food Cravings Under Control 
- Is Your Migraine Related to Hormones? 
- 10 Tips and 5 Recipes for a Migraine-Friendly Diet 


Are weather conditions affecting your migraine? 

Report weather triggers objectively with our pressure variation history feature, that tells you how the weather was where and when any of your attacks started. 


Do you have hormonal migraines?

Hormone imbalance can trigger migraine attacks. At different times of your menstrual cycle, the concentration in hormones varies. A correlation between a given moment of your cycle and your attacks suggests that your migraine may be hormone-related.

(iOS only)

This feature provides suggestions for possible triggers based on users like you.

Did you know that 68,000 different types of triggers have been reported by users in Migraine Buddy and about 2,600 are recurring triggers? Tracking and identifying your triggers can take years. We’ll help you find your triggers faster and give you a full step-by-step plan to manage them better – eventually helping you cope with migraine.

(iOS only)

Plan your day ahead

Having more visibility of when the attack will end allows you to be better prepared – getting the necessary medications, rearranging your activities, and maintaining your emotional wellness for example.

This feature still in beta test. The more you use it, the better it will get.



How has MBplus transformed users' lives


I really like that MBplus uses weather and my menstrual cycle to help me track my migraines and determine triggers

Shannon, Illinois

Frequently asked questions

How can I subscribe with a promo code?

- Click here - Enter your promo code - Checkout with Paypal or as a guest (no paypal account required) - Receive payment confirmation - Receive subscription confirmation email from Jenny and access MBplus within 72 hours in your Migraine Buddy app

Will my subscription be automatically renewed ?

No, if you subscribe on this site. You will not be debited after your subscription ends, you will have to renew it manually. We will inform you one month before then end, that it's about to finish. If you don’t subscribe via this website but via the apple or play stores, your subscription automatically renews at the end of each billing period. You can manage your subscription directly in your store.

Will you remove some features from the free version ?

Never ! The free version will remain free, with all the features you like. We will keep improving it with time. MBplus contains only ADDITIONAL features that can help you to achieve your goals faster. They are built with external partners and cannot be given out for free. Our one and only objective is to help you manage your condition.

How can I make sure I benefit from this offer?

-If you are interested in PREDICTIONS (e.g. weather forecast or attack estimated end time), make sure you record your migraines in the app whenever they are starting.

-If you are interested in REPORTS to analyse your HISTORICAL data (e.g. finding patterns in your triggers / symptoms / weather) then you should make sure you record your attacks in the app + add your current location in your settings.

-If you are interested in the PROGRAMS and the ACTIONS PLANS, make sure you set up the reminders to follow up on the coaching

-If you like the CHATS make sure you join the ones related to topics you would like to discuss (e.g. Diet / Weather / Hormones / Reliefs…)


Would you like to know more?

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